Newborn nicknamed 'Mowgli' has hair so thick it was first spotted on his sonogram

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Oscar was born with 5cm long locks. [Photo: SWNS]

A mother has told how her baby son is regularly approached in the street because of his thick, jet black hair.

Oscar Jones' plush locks were visible on his sonogram before he was born, at an estimated one centimetre long.

By the time he was born, the little one had five centimetres of thick hair – and went for his first haircut at just eight weeks.

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His mum Sara Morris, 36, told how her and partner Joshua James, 29, nicknamed Oscar “Mowgli” after the Disney character on account of his extraordinary tresses – which have grown to 12cm long now he is 20 weeks old.

She said: "We really couldn't believe just how much hair he had when he was born! It's not something you see very often!

Oscar, pictured at three months old, getting his long locks brushed. [Photo: SWNS]

“His hair was, and is, very thick, and very black. Joshua and I have brown hair, though he's closer to his dad than to me for that.

"Oscar's aware that he has so much hair, I think. When we lie him down, he'll put his arms over his head and play with it.

"But he'll start crying when he accidentally pulls it, because his fingers get tangled up!”

Sara, who runs a baby shop in the village, added: "People on the street come over to us and comment on Oscar's lovely thick hair".

Oscar pictured just days after he was born. [Photo: SWNS]
Sara Morris and her son Oscar after his birth. [Photo: SWNS]

There is an old wives’ tale that a mother experiencing heartburn during pregnancy means a baby will be born with a full head of hair – and Sara says this was true of her.

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She said: "I struggled with pregnancy diabetes, and there was a whole week in May where I suffered with this intense heartburn. We went for a regular checkup, and learned that Oscar had 1cm of hair already.”

Sara added that Oscar looks “older” than his peers due to his long hair.

“Oscar looks so much older than other babies - it's his hair!,” he said.

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