These are the baby names set to be huge in 2022

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Photo credit: Getty Images
  • Baby names inspired by the likes of Bridgerton (hello, Cressida and Benedict) and the general Regency era are set to take the world by storm in 2022

  • As are nature and tropical location-inspired names, such as Forest and Capri

  • And then there's super cute and playful names (some nodding to animals) like Bear, Moxie, Coco, Honey and Bee to consider

  • Oh! And let's not forget that non-binary and unisex names are rising in popularity too

Like most things, baby names have trends (for example, if you're a 90s kid we bet you had at least one person in your class at school named Rebecca, Jess or Thomas... right?) – and we're super excited that a whole host of new names have just been predicted for 2022. And let's face it, it's come at the right time as... is it just me or does it feel like a tonne of people are pregnant right now?

Rather handily, baby naming site Nameberry, has even pointed out that the potential names that parents-to-be are searching out right now can even be divided into a few key categories: from retro-themed names (get ready for an influx of Nellies, Bobbys, Betty and Ettas!) to nature, to non-binary and beyond. Here's the full rundown:

Playful and unique baby names

A lot of these are animal-inspired and super adorable

  • Baby

  • Bear

  • Bee

  • Birdie

  • Buddy

  • Coco

  • Cricket

  • Dovie

  • Gigi

  • Honey

  • Lucky

  • Lulu

  • Moxie

  • Ozzy

  • Pixie

  • Rocky

  • Sonny

  • Teddy

  • Trixie

  • Ziggy

Photo credit: Plume Creative - Getty Images
Photo credit: Plume Creative - Getty Images

Nature and location-based baby names

These are just perfect for evoking happy holiday memories, those who love to travel and for future beach babies

  • Bali

  • Banyan

  • Bay

  • Capri

  • Coast

  • Dune

  • Forest

  • Horizon

  • Koa

  • Lotus

  • Meridian

  • Ocean

  • Palmer

  • Prairie

  • Reef

  • Ridge

  • Sequoia

  • Taiga

  • Woods

  • Zephyr

Bridgerton-inspired baby names

If you like baby names like Reagen, why not go all out and name your baby Regency (it sounds similar, no?)... or one of the below?

  • Albion

  • Benedict

  • Cressida

  • Edwina

  • Eloise

  • Euphemia

  • Francesca

  • Genevieve

  • Daphne

  • Hyacinth

  • Kitty

  • Marina

  • Philippa

  • Phoebe

  • Portia

  • Prudence

  • Regé

  • Rupert

  • Simon

  • Theo

Non-binary baby names

As society becomes more mindful of the fact that a baby's biological sex may not conflate with its gender identity, future parents are hunting for unisex names

  • Artemis

  • Blair

  • Echo

  • Harlow

  • Holland

  • Honor

  • Indigo

  • Juniper

  • Laurie

  • Lou

  • Lux

  • Marlowe

  • Nova

  • Nyx

  • Sasha

  • Scout

  • Shiloh

  • Sunny

  • Winter

  • Wren

Photo credit: Kevin Liu
Photo credit: Kevin Liu

Biblical and spiritual names

Just like Kim and Kanye's son Psalm, biblical names and those nodding towards other forms of spirituality are set to take off in a big way

  • Alma

  • Brave

  • Creed

  • Dream

  • Galilee

  • Irie

  • Jericho

  • Kali

  • Praise

  • Promise

  • Revere

  • Righteous

  • Rishi

  • Saanvi

  • Shine

  • Soul

  • True

  • Veda

Names Ending in S

These lovely baby names all have one thing in common: they end in an 's'

  • Ames

  • Atlas

  • Aurelius

  • Banks

  • Collins

  • Emrys

  • Eros

  • Helios

  • Hollis

  • Idris

  • Ignatius

  • Jules

  • Lois

  • Osiris

  • Ozias

  • Rhodes

  • Rivers

  • Thaddeus

  • Townes

  • Wells

Retro baby names

Old-fashioned names, vintage names, traditional names... however you choose to describe them, some of the most adorable classics are back

  • Betty

  • Bobby

  • Constance

  • Etta

  • Frank

  • Goldie

  • Gene

  • Gus

  • Hank

  • Louie

  • Mae

  • Ned

  • Nellie

  • Polly

  • Ralph

  • Ray

  • Sally

  • Susie

  • Victor

  • Vincent

Musical and lyrical baby names

For all the music-lovers out there, one of these could be the perfect choice

  • Allegra

  • Anthem

  • Brio

  • Calypso

  • Caprice

  • Chord

  • Coda

  • Drummer

  • Jazz

  • Lyra

  • Madrigal

  • Major

  • Minuet

  • Rhapsody

  • Rhythm

  • Solo

  • Sonnet

  • Strummer

  • Sway

  • Symphony

So, there you have it – a gorgeous cross selection of the baby names (and baby name themes) that are future parents seem to be pretty darn excited about at the moment. If you're more leaning towards a double-barrel name, or heck, perhaps you're expecting twins (congratulations!) then we've also got you covered with that too...

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