‘Bachelor’ Fans Are Convinced They’ve Found Proof Tyler and Hannah Are Sleeping in the Same Bed

Mehera Bonner
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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Okay, so you know how Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are currently quarantining together in Florida? And how even though sources say they’re not dating, their general super-flirty vibe seems to imply otherwise? Yeah, well, now Bachelor Nation thinks there’s proof that these two are sleeping in the same bed. This theory is kinda a reach, but the evidence is also low-key compelling. And it all hinges on this footage of Tyler getting fake-mad at Hannah for changing the sheets on his bed because he only changes them every two months:

Flash-forward a few days and we have this footage of Hannah all cozied up in that same! bed! doing some online shopping—which fans think 100 percent means she and Tyler are sharing a room:

If you need more proof, here is a sleuth-y thread from Reddit that I barely understand:

Photo credit: Reddit
Photo credit: Reddit

Again, neither Hannah nor Tyler have confirmed they’re dating, and a source told E!, “They both have expressed they are not in a position to date right now but do care about each other. They have both been through a lot recently and are supporting each other through it. Tyler has definitely been leaning on Hannah and it feels very comforting to have her around. Hannah gets along with Tyler’s family and friends and everyone loves her.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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