The Bachelor UK is coming back in 2019!

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Channel 5

From Cosmopolitan

Forget Love Island (no offence), forget Shipwrecked (no offence) and forget The Bachelor US (no offence – but also, you make it almost impossible to watch over here, so that’s your fault…), because The Bachelor UK is coming back!

Remember a few years ago when rugby star and former-boyfriend of Charlotte Church, Gavin Henson, was looking for love on the Channel 5 show in 2011? Then Spencer Matthews had a turn in 2012? Well, it’s coming back, and we could not be more excited if we tried.

Photo credit: Channel 5

According to Deadline, the new 10-part series started filming in autumn. And reports are telling us that Mark Wright will present the series, which is due for release sometime in 2019.

A while back, a source told The Sun: “Mark has already had an incredibly busy year presenting on [US TV show] Extra. Now he’s getting ready to jet off again to front another show which is an amazing opportunity – but it means more time out of the country and being apart from Michelle [his wife].

“He’s really excited to get stuck in with the show though and looking forward to lending his professional dating expertise.”

In case you’re not totally sure what The Bachelor is actually about, allow me to enlighten you…

The dating show follows one single fella as he dates a number of women; desperately vying for his affection.

Photo credit: Channel 5

Each week, he hands out roses to the ladies he wants to stay another week. But if you don’t get a rose, it’s a one-way ticket back to Singlesville. Soz, love.

Last woman standing wins The Bachelor’s heart. But what if she doesn’t want it? Hmmmm, not actually sure what happens then, tbh…

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