Bacnotan offers floating cabanas, river cruise

Bacnotan, La Union — A floating restaurant, offering a river cruise and serving fresh seafood is expected to bring flocks of local and foreign tourists along the river of Barangay Baroro, in this town. River Farm Restaurant, strategically located in the middle of farm lots beside the Baroro River, was opened to food-lovers and nature-trippers just last month. [caption id="attachment_139076" align="alignleft" width="270"] LOCAL and foreign tourists enjoy the scenery as the river cruise sets sail in Bacnotan, La Union. (Erwin G. Beleo)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_139077" align="alignleft" width="270"] WHAT better way to spend time floating time away on a cabana than with a cold, refreshing dessert – ‘halo-halo’ served in a coconut. (Erwin G. Beleo)[/caption] The restaurant is ideal for those who want to have a quiet ambiance while enjoying fresh seafood or just a cruise on the cool waters of the river in a “cabaña,” an idea hatched by the owner, Cesar Ocampo, himself. Fish cages breeding “golden tilapia and black tilapia,” bangus, catfish, and oysters, line the farms, overlooking the river. But the place’s main attraction is the river cruise along the Baroro River while tourists are dining and relaxing. They may also try to catch their own fish to be cooked by some workers of the farm, or be mesmerized by other floating cabanas or “bahay kubo” along the river, roped into a bamboo raft and drums. “To make a tourist-oriented restaurant, give all your customers’ needs, give them relaxation. The ambiance of the place (are for the) customers’ satisfaction, (the) services and the food,” Ocampo said. The restaurant serves seafood namely, sinigang (sugpo and golden tilapia), crabs, and sea shells like oyster and tahong. They also serve Ilokano dishes like pinakbet, diningding, kilawen, and grilled seafood. They also serve ‘halo-halo sa may Isla’ a hit during the summer season. Concocted by Ocampo himself, it is a mixture of separate ingredients like fruit toppings mango, pine-apple, sweet corn, white melon, blended with jellies, sago, ice and milk. They also serve fruit shake.