Badian LGU to ask Capitol's help in dealing with 'illegally built' beach houses

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THE local government unit (LGU) of Badian in southwest Cebu is planning to ask the Cebu Provincial Government to help them solve the situation in one of the coastal barangays in the municipality where beach structures are said to have been built illegally.

Badian Mayor Carmencita Lumain issued a cease-and-desist order (CDO) on August 19, 2022, requesting a certain Benjamin Martilino Chan to stop the construction of structures in a beach lot in Barangay Lambug.

Engr. Vicente Jojie Nillas, head of the Office of the Building Official (OBO), said they will consult with lawyer Marino Martinquilla, consultant to the Provincial Board, to seek his opinion about the matter.

The CDO states that the project is being undertaken without being granted permission by the LGU and it encroaches on the 20-meter easement zone.

Chan's lawyers Barbie Samson and Teachie Norombaba said in their reply that their client is already old and has already divested interest in Lot No. 3377 (the lot where the beach resort is located).

“Ang among kliyente kanunay nga nibuhat sa bisan unsa man ang mga gikinahanglan ug mitahod sa kagamhanan, apan naguol kini kay tungod sa mga taho nga walay kapasikaran nga matud pa siya wala mosunod sa balaud ug matud nga wala mobuhat sa mga gipangayo sa kagamhanan," the lawyers said in their reply.

(Our client has been complying with what was required and respected the government, but he was sad because of the baseless reports that he did not follow the law and did not heed to the government's demands.)

Nillas said the lot, which is large in size, has already been distributed to Chan's descendants and some had already been sold.

But he added that according to the assessor's office, no partition of the estate had happened and the lot is still intact, contrary to the information that he received.

The OBO doubted that the subject of the CDO is not the real owner of the controversial beach in Lambug.

But Nillas was wondering why would Chan attend the meeting called by the Environment and Natural Resources to discuss the "illegally built" structures if he is not the owner of the property.

"Nganong magpakita man sila kon ang ilang rason nga dili sila ang tag-iya nga maoy nakasulat sa CDO," Nillas added.

(Why would they show up when they reasoned out that they are not the owner as stated in the CDO?)

Aside from the beach houses, Nillas said there is also another project there that looks like a swimming pool.

"Dili man tuod sila moangkon nga swimming pool pero kon imong tan-awon, mura gyud og swimming pool," added Nillas.

(While they denied that it is a swimming pool, it really looked like one.) (BBT, TPT)