Baguio’s Good Shepherd made a pink version of their famous ube jam

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People who have been to Baguio or know someone who has been to the Summer Capital are likely familiar with the famous ube jam by the Good Shepherd Convent, sold in jars that show off its deep purple color.

This time, however, the sisters of Good Shepherd have decided to experiment with a new shade of their famous pasalubong treat: pink!

OPM icon Jim Paredes posted a photo of the rose-hued version of the jam, released in time for Vice President Leni Robredo’s visit to Baguio City earlier this week where she joined the flag ceremony on the city hall grounds and was greeted by a motorcade flooded in pink.

The convent created the special pink version using white yams mixed with sugar beets—still staying true to their “no food color” claim on the label.

Contrary to Paredes’ claims, however, the sisters of the Good Shepherd convent said that the pink ube jam is not yet for sale, as they are still trying to get the right shade of pink.

This is not the first time Good Shepherd produced a non-purple-ube jam—the sisters released a white version of the jam after facing a shortage of purple yams in 2019 due to climate change.

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