In Baguio for the holidays? Shop from small businesses at Burnham Park

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In case you’re traveling to Baguio for the holiday season, here’s a little tip: you can shop from independent business owners at the Igorot Park located at the Burnham Park reservation until December 24.

The Baguio City government has allowed local micro, small, and medium enterprise owners to sell their wares at the park for the holiday season. Some of the items for sale include handcrafted materials, women’s fabric and apparel, processed food, and other locally made products by businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan said that the city council approved a resolution allowing the sale and display of indigenous or locally made products, as part of the local government’s economic recovery initiative.

According to Olowan, Baguio city’s economic recovery initiative is meant to encourage activity from local entrepreneurs and various groups engaged in livelihood projects and programs.

The city government also previously passed a resolution encouraging malls and restaurants to dedicate spaces for artists to display their art and boost the city’s creative ecosystem.

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