bai Hotel Cebu launches self check-in kiosk—a first in the South

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IN the age of convenience, self-service kiosks have become commonplace in fast-food restaurants, retail outlets, international airports, and increasingly, at hotels. Since checking in and out of a hotel has long been one of the greatest points of friction for guests, bai Hotel launches its self check-in kiosk, making it the very first hotel outside of Metro Manila to do so.

"Contactless technology has played a vital role in helping the hotel streamline our operations during the pandemic," says bai Hotel Cebu's vice president of operations and general manager Alfred Reyes. Times have changed and now, guests don't have time to wait in a queue for assistance. They can do a quick check in, pay, get the key, and head on straight to bai Hotel Cebu's well-appointed rooms and enjoy all its facilities.

With innovative engineering and ergonomic design, the self check-in kiosk at bai Hotel Cebu has created a significant positive impact, offering hotel guests convenience and safety during their stay and further allowing them to enjoy the hotel's facilities and its surroundings.

"This technology provides convenience and privacy and can expedite routine tasks such as check-ins and check-outs," adds Reyes. bai Hotel Cebu's self check-in kiosk has a user-friendly interface that's easy to access and a frictionless check-in experience which means more convenience, more control, and the elimination of frustrating queues.

So the next time guests visit bai Hotel Cebu, they can experience its self check-in kiosk and enjoy the rest of their stay—in true bai Hotel Cebu fashion—fuss-free. SPONSORED CONTENT.

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