Bakery posts passive-aggressive closure announcement on Marcos’ inauguration day and people are eating it up

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As the Philippines swore in its 17th president, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., yesterday, some roads leading to the inauguration venue, the National Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Manila, were closed to redirect traffic — affecting establishments around those key locations.

One of those establishments, the famed Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries, announced on their Instagram account that they would be closed for the day due to the road closures, which could also affect their delivery schedules.

But the way the seemingly innocuous announcement was worded set off netizens’ snark detectors.

Hizon’s social media post tersely read, “We will be closed on June 30 due to the road closures imposed by this incoming government. Thank you.”

Netizens read between the lines of the short post and saw what they believed to be shade in the bakery’s announcement.

“I can imagine the deep sigh and the rolling of eyes,” one user commented.

Ang intense? (So intense?),” another one said.

Taray ni Hizon! (Hizon’s being sassy!),” one user chimed in.

Makaorder nga ng cake. Apir, Hizon’s! (Time for me to order a cake. High five, Hizon’s!)” Another user added.

Whether the spice in Hizon’s tone was intentional or not, it’s hard to blame the public for detecting some sass. After all, the bakery is known for the no-nonsense and oftentimes exasperated attitude seen in its social media posts.

“I’m learning how to respond intelligently and unemotionally to unintelligent and pointless queries and rants. It’s tough,” the page wrote in May.

“For the nth time, we are not in any way, shape or form affiliated with Hizon’s Catering,” it also posted after one too many inquiries about its ties with another popular catering company.

The page also once called out customers who were abusing discount card privileges. “It is a privilege and a right to use your senior citizen’s card… But to use five senior and 2 PWD cards to purchase one cake is bordering on abusive.”

It also shut down rude customers by once posting, “We do not need your business if it means having the peace of mind we deserve.”

The brand also did not shy away from posting about which presidential candidate it supported during the May elections.

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