Baldomero Falcone: The only 'poor' candidate?


Baldomero Falcone claims that he is the only candidate in the 2013 senatorial elections who is genuinely representing the poor.

Falcone is president of the Democratic Party of the Philippines, a group which urges the poor to unite for empowerment.

Noting that fighting poverty is his "personal crusade," Falcone thus vows to carry in the Senate the cause of millions of poor Filipinos.

"Personal research validated by nationalistic economists have shown that Philippine poverty is only artificially made," he said.

Falcone noted that providing jobs should be the government's top priority, as he stressed the disadvantages of being a remittance economy.

Aside from being president of the DPP, Falcone also touts himself as an expert in securitization, which he says is key into attracting investments into economies.

He learned his expertise from tutors both here and abroad, Falcone, who is also finishing his doctorate at the University of the Philippines, said.

Falcone has a master's degree in philosophy from San Carlos University in Cebu and in business management from the Asian Institute of Management.

He hails from Hindang, Leyte and has four sons with wife Alice Ludovica.