Bar in Cebu City to explain why social distancing ignored

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Under EO 130, which Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella issued on May 6, 2021, establishments serving liquor should observe the following conditions:

  • They should accommodate only up to 50 percent of their maximum capacity of seated cus tomers at any given time, regardless of the floor area.

  • They should first secure a clearance from the Cebu City Emergency Operations Center before holding regular live entertainment in their premises.

  • They are not allowed to serve liquor during curfew hours.

  • They should not allow customers and staff to loiter around the premises while curfew hours are in effect.

  • On top of their license to sell and serve liquor, they should apply for a special permit to be issued by the Cebu City Emergency Operations Center at no additional cost.

A WEEK after the liquor ban in Cebu City was lifted, one establishment has been issued a show cause order after a complaint reached the City Hall for alleged violation of the social distancing policy inside its premises.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella said the establishment was asked to explain why this happened.

Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) head Jared Limquiaco said the establishment is a bar, but he did not mention where it is located.

Limquiaco said his office is waiting for the bar operators to submit their explanation in writing.

Should the explanation of the bar management be “not excusable,” the bar will receive its first warning.

If the bar will commit another violation, Limquiaco said its permit to serve liquor will be suspended and if there will be a third violation, its business permit will be revoked.

Limquiaco said this may serve as a warning to other establishments.

Labella said all other establishments remain compliant with health protocol and the executive order he issued on May 6, 2021.

As of May 14, Labella said 170 establishments in the city have been issued a special permit to serve liquor.

Before the establishments can get a special permit, they need to send representatives to undergo Health Infection and Prevention Control Officer (Hipco) training to be conducted by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

After the training, the EOC, led by the BPLO team, will inspect the establishments to determine their maximum capacity. The allowed capacity will be posted in front of the establishment.

Under EO 130, establishments must accommodate only up to 50 percent of their maximum capacity of seated customers at any given time, regardless of the floor area.

If an establishment will hold live entertainment, it needs a clearance from the EOC that would then be indicated in the special permit, the EO states.

Limquiaco said the special permit to serve liquor that the establishments have to acquire is on top of the regular license to serve and sell liquor.

As far as the number of issued regular license to serve and sell liquor is concerned, Limquiaco said about 300 establishments were issued such permit. (JJL)

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