Bar, restaurant in Lahug finds new way of attracting customers

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IF IT were only for the numbers, there’s a high probability that The Pyramid would continue its business in the online space.

But according to Coffee Prince Inc. marketing director Adrian Diongzon, they have employees who rely on the business. He said they have nowhere to go under this stressed business environment.

“So we decided to keep it running. We brought Oppa’s Kitchen (that is doing so well online) to The Pyramid to offer what every Cebuano craves—the Korean dishes,” said Diongzon.

The Pyramid, like any other business, suffered badly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was aggravated by the liquor ban implemented in Cebu City.

Hurt by these uncontrollable factors, The Pyramid ventured into an eat-all-you-can dining experience, believing this would help it keep its employees and the business afloat.

It decided to carry the Korean dishes of its sister-company Oppa Kitchen Cebu and offered them, alongside The Pyramid’s best seller dishes, in a managed buffet setup for P329 per person.

“All of us have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, plus now we are on liquor ban, us being a go-to ‘bar and restaurant’ we were so affected. So we thought we had to do something for us and for our employees,” said Diongzon.

The Ultimate Oppa’s Feast features more than 22 dishes. It is also giving a special rate of P299 for riders and business process management employees.

Diongzon said these friendly rates are meant to attract diners who are now returning to office for work.

Since they introduced this managed buffet setup, The Pyramid has been getting a positive market response despite the unpredictable flow of customers.

“Cebuanos have been a great audience. We thank Koreanovelas for this. Our Korean cravings have truly helped the dining experience now in our Ultimate Oppa’s Feast. We see people coming from all walks of life, and we are glad people are going out, with more caution, taking into consideration the health protocols,” said Diongzon.

He admitted that keeping the business alive during these times is a bit challenging, but he said they needed to stay afloat for the sake of their employees.

“Our mantra now is staying in the business—surviving. We feel the support of the Cebuanos and our loyal patrons. With this pandemic, we are actually sharing profit not just to our patrons, but also to our suppliers and employees,” he said.

“Our employees will always be our backbone, and we are grateful for them. We are helping as many employees as we can now,” Diongzon stressed.

Coffee Prince Inc. operates several companies and restaurants in Cebu, namely The Pyramid, Oppa’s Kitchen Cebu, Macaron 5, Island Creatives, D Bear Tea & Tree, Pasta In a Cup and Eat & Run. / (KOC)