Barrister, 53, who travelled across UK to sexually abuse '13-year-old girl' is jailed

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Guy Sims travelled across the country to sexually abuse what he believed to be schoolgirls. (SWNS)
Guy Sims travelled across the country to sexually abuse what he believed to be schoolgirls. (SWNS)

A barrister who travelled across the country to sexually abuse what he believed to be schoolgirls he met online has been jailed.

Guy Sims, 53, talked online to two people he thought were 13-year-old girls using social media platforms Mylol and Kik.

He posed as an 18-year-old calling himself ‘markbatx’ and ‘markviva’ and made arrangements to meet one of the schoolgirls.

Sims travelled from Cambridge to Portsmouth with the intention of engaging in sexual activity her.

When he arrived, officers arrested him who found he had cider and a condom on his person, along with camouflage leaf netting in his car.

Sims, of Bedford, had also made arrangements to meet another of the girls either on his way home or on the way to Portsmouth on the same day for sexual activity.

On Wednesday, Sims was given a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence at Oxford Crown Court.

Oxford Crown Court and County Court building.
Sims was jailed at Oxford Crown Court. (Getty)

While under investigation, Sims had engaged in conversation of a sexual nature with the third person he believed to be a 13-year-old girl in 2019.

Now calling himself ‘Yo Sarami’ and ‘Danny.dan,’ he made arrangements to meet her in Oxford for sexual activity to take place.

Sims was charged in connection with the offences in 2019.

He was convicted of three counts of arranging or facilitating commission of a child sex offence by unanimous jury following a trial.

The court heard Sims will be barred from working as a barrister.

The sentencing follows an investigation by specialist officers from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) spanning four years.

Detective Chief Inspector Philip Attwood, of SEROCU, said: “This is the conclusion of a case in which Sims engaged in conversation of a sexual nature and arranged to meet up with those who he believed to be three teenage girls with the intention of carrying out child sexual abuse.

“Sims, worked as a civil barrister, and should have recognised the consequences of this offending.

"He demonstrated that he was prepared to go to great lengths and travel across the country to Portsmouth, to Guildford and to Oxford, to engage in depraved sexual activity with children.

''He repeatedly engaged with the profiles of those he believed to be teenage girls online, and the threat he posed would have continued had it not been for the continued and dedicated efforts of those working for SEROCU.”

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