Basic health safety tips when dining out

Luis A. Quibranza III
·2 min read

AFTER almost one year of being stuck at home, Cebuanos are slowly relishing the chance to dine in at one of their favorite food places. Some are even happy enough to be able to order their food online and have it delivered at home or picked up.

Cebuanos have always shared an affinity for good food, and this was proven during the home food business boom during the last 12 months. But now that quarantine restrictions have eased up a bit, locals are beginning to revisit their old favorite food spots once again.

While it’s still best to spend most of one’s time at home, here are some tips anyway to ensure best practices in line with the health and safety protocols set by local government in the battle against Covid-19.

Observe social distancing

It’s good to note that most dining areas in the city apply proper social distancing to their seating plans. Maintain a safe distance from other diners (including the ones you’re with). This goes whether you’re lining up to order from a food stall or counter or seated at the table.

Wear face mask, shield

Of course, you’ll have to take these off when eating or drinking. However, if you find yourself already in a chatty mood with the people you’re with after the meal, remember to put your face mask and shield back on.

Wash your hands

Proper hand washing is one of the most underrated countermeasures against the spread of Covid-19. Wash your hands with soap and water before and after eating. Some experts have shared that singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while washing your hands is a good way of keeping time.

Cashless is best

More and more Cebuanos are getting used to cashless transactions as these became the norm at the height of the 2020 lockdown. From paying for parking to settling a bill for one’s meal, try to ask if there are any cashless options for payment. You can try paying with your debit or credit card, or using digital wallets like GCash and PayMaya.