Basic tips on how to wear your wristwatch

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When it comes to rocking watches, it pays to look extra sharp. Whether it’s a vintage item or a fashion piece, wearing a good wristwatch properly is just one of those little details that help take your OOTD to the next level.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you wear your watch the right way.

Don’t buy fake pieces

There is the legal aspect as to why we shouldn’t patronize fake products. And while that alone should be enough of a reason not to buy a “Feiko,” there are a few others for good measure. First, these things do not even last for long. You’re just throwing money in the trash for a quick fashion fix. Second, you’re just lying to yourself. Buy a watch when marking a milestone in your life and pay for it (dearly, if you must). Last, you don’t need an expensive watch. There are affordable options which boast of superb quality. These Japanese brands will treat you well: Seiko, Orient, Citizen and Casio.

Wear it fit and right

Your watch should be right before the wrist bone. Not on it. Not after it, sagging loose at the back of your hand. What could help here? A good fit. Check the bracelet. Adjust accordingly. Here’s a tip: wear it tight enough that it doesn’t fall off but make sure you can still insert your index finger more or less while wearing the bracelet.

Wear it on your left wrist (or right)

“What kind of a tip is this,” you might ask? Well, read on. Usually, time pieces are worn on the left. In fact, most of them are designed for the left wrist, with the crown sticking out on the right side so your right hand can access it better when you need to adjust something. However! This was done presuming everyone was a righty. This means, the less active hand gets to wear the watch. So if you’re a lefty, you could try going for the right-hand approach. How about the crown access? Well, when was the last time you adjusted the crown while actually wearing the watch? Also, Canadian businessman and TV star Kevin O’Leary—who’s also an avid luxury watch collector—stated that he sometimes wears his watch on the right hand just to keep the crown from hitting the back of his hand. Nice.

Have a piece for every occasion

There are unwritten rules about which watches go best for what occasions. But it’s basically like, don’t wear your G-Shock while having dinner with the president of the state or don’t take your Rolex out while working with heavy machinery. Dive watches could look good on casual and for some business functions. There are dress watches for more formal events. There are beater watches when things are about to get wild. But then again, you are the master of your fate. Wear what you feel describes your look best.

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