Bataan: Thailand firm invests P2.8B

Samal, Bataan - Thailand-based Charoen Pokphand (CP) Group, the world's largest producer of animal feed and shrimp, and one of the leading producers of poultry, has set up P2.8-billion aqua feed company in this town.

With an estimated income of $33 billion annually, CP Group has more than 100 companies and employs 280,000 people worldwide. CP operates in 15 countries, based on its website.
Its chairman, Dhanin Chearavanont, is ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 58th billionaire in the World this year.

Samal Mayor Gene Malibiran-Dela Fuente said that the company has generated hundreds of jobs here and will certainly add millions of pesos in income for the town. She thanked the Thailand firm for its trust and confidence in building its plant in Samal.

"The company is now running smoothly after its dry-run operations," said Dela Fuente.
Aside from Aqua feed products, CP has also engaged in manufacturing animal food, Agricultural machinery, Convenience stores, Electronics, Horticulture fertilizer, Pet food, Real estate, Software, among others, it was learned.

CP was established back in 1921 after its founders Mr. Ek Chor and Mr. Siew Whooy established a small seed shop named "Chia Tai Cheung" in Bangkok's Yaowarat area (China Town).

As the business flourished, Chia Tai Cheung progressed towards the production of animal feed and later on initiated livestock farming, processing, marketing and distribution to become integrated.

As the business had developed into a fully integrated agribusiness (from seed to feed to farm to food), CP said it has become the world's largest producer of animal feed and shrimp, and one of the leading producers of poultry.

CP proudly reported that "Deeply embedded into our everyday working life, our employees locally and abroad believe that wherever we invest and operate, we must adhere to our '3-Benefits' philosophy of "Benefit the country, Benefit to the people and Benefit to the company."