Bato dela Rosa: Kidnapping cases sign that drug problem is back

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Former police chief Ronald
Then Philippine National Police chief Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa holds an M60 machine gun during a Gun and Ammunition show at a mall in Mandaluyong city, metro Manila, Philippines July 13, 2017. (Photo: REUTERS/Dondi Tawatao)

Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, in an interview with AM radio station DWIZ, linked the rising cases of kidnapping and other crimes in the Philippines as an indication that the problem of illegal drugs is coming back.

Dela Rosa, the current chair of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, and the chief implementer of the former Rodrigo Duterte administration’s “war on drugs” that claimed the lives of thousands of individuals said that the kidnappings and abductions are most likely done by those who are under the influence of drugs.

“You know, no one in their right mind would do such a thing. If they’re not addicted to drugs, these idiots would not do that,” dela Rosa, as reported by the Inquirer, said.

“So this is one of the indicators that drugs are returning here because the crimes are being committed in the open. Most of them are done under the influence of drugs,” he added.

The former chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) made the remarks in the backdrop after Senator Grace Poe filed a resolution to conduct an inquiry into the rampant kidnappings.

“An abduction case is one too many. We cannot allow this situation to threaten our people’s safety and trample on our efforts to help them get through the difficult times,” Poe said.

She cited in her resolution the report by Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (PCCCII) President Lugene Ang that there have been 56 kidnapping incidents involving Filipino and Chinese nationals, including children, in the last 10 days.

“These kidnappers are worse than animals. They use torture and intimidation, rape women and send the videos to the victim’s relatives demanding huge sums of money. In some cases, the victims were even sold to other kidnapping groups. These are unprecedented and beyond human comprehension,” said PCCCII.

Meanwhile, PNP disputed the figures, saying that there have only been four incidents of abduction this year, with one of them related to Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs).

“There is an urgent need to determine the status of these cases, possible motives, agency efforts to identify the perpetrators, and the measures instituted by relevant authorities to prevent the continuous rise of abduction cases in the country,” Poe said.

“There is also a need to ascertain claims that foreign nationals are conducting these criminal activities,” Poe added in the resolution.

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