Be A Step Ahead Every Day

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Picture this: Your alarm clock fails, and you wake up late. You take some coffee and it goes straight to your newly-pressed shirt. You hurry out and traffic slaps you right in the face. You grab a to-go and rush through lunch. You are late for a meeting, and the boss hates your work. You have a hand on the phone and another on the keyboard. You want the day to end, but remember you’ll be working overtime.

Your only consolation is that your office’s supply of coffee is as unlimited as the amount of e-mail and phone calls you receive. So you keep your cup full and look forward to the end of the day, where you can light a cigarette and head out for the night to grab some drinks. But then you fall into the same cycle the very next morning.

Sounds familiar?

If you see yourself in this scenario, chances are you constantly find yourself down and drained. You know for sure that you want to perform well to get a promotion and a bigger paycheck. But with your efforts to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, stress and exhaustion are inevitable. When your job requires you to take on multiple challenges, meet a number of deadlines, and say “yes” to the overwhelming demands of the boss, how do you keep your edge and be a step ahead of everyone? 

When you go through physical and mental exhaustion, this causes vitamin deficiencies, especially in water-soluble vitamins. B Vitamins and Vitamin C are both water-soluble and are not stored by the body compared to fat-soluble ones (Vitamins A, D, E, K). This means you have to load up in periods of fatigue. 
Pick yourself up and introduce a Berocca break to your daily routine. Berocca has been clinically proven to neutralize physical tiredness while helping to improve mental performance.

Give your brain and body a boost – a single tablet is packed with high doses of B Vitamins, which aid in regulating the flow and function of the brain and the nerves, and Vitamin C, which secure a healthier immune system and guard against infections.

Aside from B Vitamins and Vitamin C, Berocca is also infused with Calcium (for overall bone health improvement and functioning of the nervous system), Magnesium (for the proper coordination of the nervous and muscular system), and Zinc (to help boost the immune system) – all of which are essential for growth and play a role in energizing and reinforcing the brain’s functions, allowing you not only to think smarter, but act faster.

Berocca comes in a unique effervescent tablet form. Drop it in a glass of water and it becomes a refreshing orange-flavored juice in an instant. And there’s more to it than being just a new way to enjoy your multivitamins.  Since it is already in liquid form, it allows faster nutrient absorption to the body, unlike film-coated capsules and tablets that only start dissolving inside the stomach.

Now, there’s no need to drown on unnecessary amounts of caffeine, artificial stimulants and sugar to impress the boss and pull through your busy day. One tablet of Berocca is all you need to be at your best even through the most demanding hours of your work.

Take Berocca. Be a step ahead every day.

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