A beautiful tree house away from it all

Marymil M. Cabrera

THERE’S a new place in Barangay Hingatmonan, Balamban, Cebu where people can hang loose, enjoy the beauty of nature and reconnect with family and friends.

Called Treehouse de Valentine, the place is actually what a dream tree house should look like: A two-storey bamboo tree house with hammock, wooden bathtub, kitchen, king-sized beds, balcony and rest room. Awe-inspiring, there’s a private river right under the tree house, overlooking from the balcony.

One can just imagine waking up in the heart of the jungle with the sunrise kissing his cheek. The vibe is serene, magical and soothing. Just an hour and a half drive from the city center, guests will reach the best of nature and luxury in one safe place. It has a security guard, and several CCTV cameras are set up.

The Balinese-inspired, modern tree house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms that can accommodate up to eight adults and two children. A Wi-Fi connection is also available for the guests’ convenience and for them to stay connected with the online world. However, it would be nice to disconnect once in a while so as to have a real interaction and conversation with each other.

Treehouse de Valentine also serves breakfast if guests order ahead. If they want to do some last-minute shopping, they need not to worry. Though it is nestled far away from the city, restaurants and convenience stores are just 10 minutes away. Even tourist destinations like West 35 or Adventure Café are just near from the tree house.

It also offers transportation service to make your little vacation more relaxing without worrying about getting lost or seeing no public vehicles available. Up there, one can revel in the simple pleasures of life—cooking one’s own meals, playing under the sun, swimming in the river, roaming around and appreciating the beauty of nature around, watching a favorite Netflix series or movie, and just seizing the moment.

For bookings, one may search for the Treehouse de Valentine on the AirBnb app.

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