Beauty, skincare firm to expand production capacity amid robust demand

LILOAN-BASED GTCosmetics Manufacturing Inc. is eyeing to expand its manufacturing facility as demand for its beauty and skin care products increases. It will also expand its product line to include baby and hair care products.

“As more people are going out and people are putting the pandemic behind them, we have seen an increase in consumers based on our data. We have started planning out expanding our manufacturing facility as demand is getting higher,” said Rogelio Salvane Jr., president and chief executive officer of GTCosmetics Manufacturing Inc.

GTCosmetics has been in the beauty and skincare business for 25 years. It makes beauty soaps, beauty creams, facial cleansers, body lotions and make-up products.

Besides expanding its production facility this year, Salvane said the company has joined forces with its trade partners, especially on their new stores/outlets where GTCosmetics should be available, to make their products more accessible to new and loyal customers.

GTCosmetics products are available in leading supermarkets and beauty stores across the country. The company is also boosting its presence online as its products have gained popularity and traction from overseas markets like in Canada, and the US.

Also this year, Jellie Marie Villamor, GT’s chief operating officer and vice president, said the company will invest in creating more products to cater to a broader market segment.

“For future projects, we will consider creating products for babies and hair care,” she said.

Innovation award

GTCosmetics ended 2022 with a big win during the International Innovation Awards (IIA) held in Thailand on December 16, 2022 for its Brightening C+ with Glutathione product line.

“Our latest international award from our GT Brightening C+ product line signifies that our products are of quality and on par with international brands,” said Salvane.

GT Brightening C+ products were assessed based on the innovation distinction, practicality and performance, commercial viability and social and economic impact.

IIA recognizes outstanding innovations to encourage organizations to invest in innovations. It is spearheaded by Enterprise Asia, a regional nongovernment organization that champions entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation and growth across Asia.

IIA 2022 received around 160 entries from 30 countries across 24 industries.

GT’s Brightening C+ product line has five products – the night care cream, daily sun care, toning water essence, intensive hydra burst moisturizer and beauty bar soap. The line features innovative active ingredients that promote healthy skin like vitamin C, tangerine peel extract and glutathione.

Villamor said the company took more than a year to conceptualize the full product line, conduct internal and external testing and then come up with the final packaging. (KOC)