The beauty trick that always makes Adele’s eye makeup look so good

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Photo credit: Adele/@adele
Photo credit: Adele/@adele

Adele’s comeback to the world of music has been nothing short of iconic. After teasing fans with the number ‘30’ mysteriously projected onto landmarks around the globe, the iconic singer gifted us all with new music.

Alongside her velvety tones that make me (and the rest of the glosob and an epic Instagram Live that involved chatting all things Peppa Pig, lockdown activities (spoiler alert: it involved wine) and favourite crisp flavours, Adele has been serving some serious makeup looks.

Of course, her signature winged eyeliner is a staple feature in every one of her makeup looks. But while her sharp wing gets all the attention (rightly so, it’s a masterpiece, after all), there’s another part of Adele’s eye makeup that often gets overlooked, even though it’s probably the key to tying it all together.

When she wears eyeshadow, Adele’s makeup artist – usually her go-to Anthony H. Nguyen – will sweep the eyeshadow underneath her eye, going along her waterline.

So many of us often focus on buffing and blending eyeshadow onto our eyelids, that you might forget to take it underneath. But doing this actually helps to give an eyeshadow look some balance and preventing the eyelid from looking super heavy.

So next time you do your eyeshadow, make sure you grab a fluffy brush and sweep it along your waterline. It takes two seconds and makes a huge difference.

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