Bebe Rexha responds to body shamer who criticized her dark under-eye circles: ‘I think they’re beautiful’

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Bebe Rexha is unbothered.

On Monday, the 31-year-old singer posted a TikTok in response to a commenter from a previous video that showed her makeup-free as she was getting a new haircut.

"Her dark circles jeez," the shaming comment read referring to the dark circles under her eyes.

In her response video, Rexha appeared to be sitting in a car as she took off her sunglasses saying, "I think they're beautiful." She further elaborated in her caption:

"I love my dark circles and I've had them since I was a little girl!"

Celebrity friends and fans flooded the comments with words of support and praised her for her positivity.

"Yes they are and all the kids are adding dark circles now any way. U are stunning," Natasha Bedingfield wrote.

"You are literally the most beautiful person," a fan said.

"They are. Bebe it was because of YOU that I accepted mine and stopped using makeup to cover them," someone continued.

"You got that right. I have some dark circles under mine pretty much all the time," a commenter added.

"I stopped judging myself because you don't hide yours," another person admitted.

Over the years, Rexha has talked about the importance of self-love and has even been open about her own acceptance journey. In a 2019 interview with Pop Culture, she admitted that the "mental shift" happened for her at a dark point in her life when she was "not loving myself, and feeling like I wasn't good enough, and trying to fit the mold," 

"And after a certain time, it gets to your head. And you want to be loved by people, but if you don't love yourself and you say mean things to yourself, then it's like, what's the point? For me, it just kind of clicked in being like, 'I have to be my number one fan, and I have to be nice to myself, and I have to love myself because if you don't love yourself, and people tell you all the best things about you, then it doesn't really mean anything. The most important person's opinion of you is you," she said.

Rexha added that loving yourself is especially crucial in the midst of toxic body standards that are prevalent on social media.

"Everybody in the world could love you and say you're beautiful. But if you don't believe it, then it doesn't matter," she continued. "People could be body shaming you, and if you love yourself, then it doesn't matter that they're body shaming you because you love yourself. It's all about what's in your head and what you believe about yourself. And it's about working on yourself, and self love."

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