Beirut Protesters Set Off Fireworks Near Lebanese Parliament Building

Protesters rallied near the Lebanese Parliament building in Beirut for the second night on August 9, demanding change of government following ongoing economic decline and the deadly explosion that rocked the city a few days prior.

Lebanese Interior Security ordered all peaceful protesters to leave areas of rioting on Sunday evening.

Earlier in the day, local reports said protesters stormed and occupied the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation to demand the minister resign. Reports said several ministers and members of parliament had resigned as of Sunday.

Human Rights Watch accused the Lebanese government of inaction in the aftermath of the explosion, which had resulted in 157 reported deaths at the time of Sunday’s protest.

Videos filmed by local resident @jennyraad show protesters attempting to remove some barriers outside the Amir Assaf Mosque in Martyrs’ Square and fireworks being lit off near the Lebanese Parliament building in Beirut. Credit: @jennyraad via Storyful

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