Bella, Ciao! Phenomenal TV series ‘Money Heist’ comes to a close

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WHEN “La Casa de Papel,” a Spanish heist crime drama television series was released in 2017, its creators and stars thought it would be just any other series on Spanish television with its 15 episodes.

Netflix saw the potential of the series, acquired the rights for its global streaming, re-cut the entire series into 22 episodes and introduced “Money Heist” to the world on Dec. 20, 2017.

It has become a pop-culture phenomenon since then. The fifth season of “Money Heist” (Volume 1, released Sept. 3, 2021) was watched by 69 million Netflix households in its first four weeks.

It all comes to a close on Dec. 3, with “Money Heist” Season 5 Vol. 2—the final installment—premiering on Netflix.

“We’ve made over 2,000 minutes of fiction with two heists. I think we’ve exhausted some of the characters’ emotional arcs and their arcs of transformation,” said showrunner and executive producer Álex Pina in a chat with The Indian Express during a virtual set visit from Spain.

“We’ve told a lot and I think it’s a good time to stop. It’s a very climatic season and I think it’s always better to leave sooner rather than later.”

Fan favorite Berlin, played by actor Pedro Alonso, believes that the fifth season will showcase a “battle to end all battles.”

“I think there is something very exciting, and very, very, very powerful in the visual aspect,” he told Men’s Folio. “Suddenly, [something will click] and everything falls into place.”

“Money Heist” follows the story of a mysterious man who recruited random people for an almost-impossible heist of the Royal Mint of Spain.

Catch “Money Heist” Season 5 Vol. 2, Dec. 3, exclusively on Netflix.

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