BenCab Joins Three-Artist Exhibit

MANILA, Philippines --- National Artist for Visual Arts (Painting) Benedicto Cabrera, more known as BenCab, joined another respected painter-draughtsman from Malaysia and a renowned Mexican sculptor in a successful joint exhibit at a popular shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The exhibit, which is being being held for two weeks at the White Box, MAP@Publika at the Publika Shopping Mall, came about when Cabrera, arguably the best-selling painter of his generation of Filipino artists, and Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar were invited by Mexican sculptor Enrique Carbajal, more known as Sebastian, to visit Mexico for two weeks under the latter's Fundacion Sebastian.

In Mexico, the artists gained inspiration from the people, history and landscape.

Cabrera showcased eight paintings produced during the Mexico sojourn in the exhibit entitled "Hands Across the Water."

"BenCab has showcased his mastery of contemporary art, and showed that he is one of the eminent artists in Southeast Asia," Philippine Ambassador to Malaysia J. Eduardo Malaya said during the recent opening of the exhibit. "His paintings have creatively illustrated Mexican life in his own familiar style."

In describing the exhibit, famed American art critic, curator, and poet Peter Frank said, "Distinguished painter-draughtsman from the Philippines and Malaysia visited with a renowned Mexican sculptor for a whirlwind but productive two weeks, gained inspiration from the people, history, and landscape in whose midst they had suddenly dropped, and returned to their homelands to work as they has before, armed with more grist for their visual mill."

Mexican Ambassador to Malaysia Jorge Alberto Lozoya highlighted the ties between the Philippines, Mexico, and Malaysia, and added that the two-week visit of Cabrera and Ahmad allowed them to see the richness of Mexican art and culture.