Benefits of biking to work

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SINCE the pandemic started last year, many have turned to biking or cycling as a means of transportation. During the enhanced community quarantine in Cebu when there were very few options for public transportation, many employees have chosen bike commuting to get to and from work.

With this development, some local government units have provided bike lanes as a form of support. Private establishments like Ayala Central Bloc have also responded to the need for safe bike racks. Anyone in Cebu I.T. Park can use these bike racks.

Many are into biking now not just as a means to move around but mainly because it brings a lot of benefits. Here are some of the many benefits of using bikes to move around:

Save on money

Biking lets you save on bus or jeepney fare, and gasoline or car maintenance. You also save on gym membership costs as biking can be your daily workout.

It’s healthier

One study has found that an individual can lose an average of 13 pounds after his first year of cycling. Biking helps lower your blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, helps boost your energy and improves coordination.

Avoiding traffic

We all know what the traffic situation in Cebu is like. Biking to work will help you get to your destination faster and give you more route options.

Helps decrease stress

Did you know that biking to work makes you happier? Studies have shown that it reduces stress and anxiety by allowing you to take more scenic routes and avoid traffic congestion or crowded public transportation.

Easier parking

Business establishments and some malls, particularly Ayala Malls Central Bloc, provide bike racks for bike commuters. Not only are you guaranteed these benefits, AyalaMalls Central Bloc also goes the extra mile by guaranteeing it’s safe and free. Ayala Central Bloc’s bike rack is located at the Corte, near Burger Joint. (PR)

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