Best chamois creams to keep you comfortable in the saddle

Mildred Locke
·1 min read
 Chamois cream
Chamois cream

Chamois cream is a godsend for many cyclists, whether they’re seasoned endurance athletes, or brand new commuters. Your undercarriage will be sensitive to the amount of weight and friction it’s exposed to when spending increased amounts of time in contact with a saddle. Eventually, it will toughen up, but if you’re struggling with pain, or if you’re building up your mileage, you will most likely benefit from using a chamois cream to help keep everything happy ‘down there’. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best chamois creams available.

What is chamois cream?

Chamois cream is a lubricant, usually oil or silicone based, that creates a barrier between your skin and the chamois pad in your shorts. This layer of lubrication helps to reduce friction and irritation to the skin, making it especially useful on long rides. It’s also a helpful addition to your indoor cycling setup, since you’re less likely to be moving around and getting out of the saddle as much as you would when riding on the road.

What to look for in a chamois cream

If you’re new to this, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the many chamois creams available, and the various ingredients and claims they make. The best chamois creams will not only create a lubricating barrier, but will also contain antifungal and antibacterial ingredients to help prevent skin infections if you do happen to develop saddle sores.