The best films on TV today: Tuesday, 26 May

The Woman In Black, Arrival, Prisoners.

High concept sci-fi, emotionally astute horror and the coolest film you’ve never seen are all on offer today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV today: Tuesday, 26 May.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Welsh noir classic as a young girl witnessing a murder and becomes infatuated with a murderer in taut drama Tiger Bay 11:00am Film 4

Aural abuse of aliens and selenium enema administration when freaky foreign fungus forms fiendish fauna- madcap comedy Evolution 4:45pm Sony Movies

Secret service shrink surgeons in super submarine to cure civil servant's cerebral stroke using scuba science in Fantastic Voyage 5:10pm Film 4

Morose widower travels to remote marsh house and encounters infanticidal ghost in Gothic fogbound British chiller The Woman in Black 9:00pm Horror Channel

Intuitive visionary walks precipice of apocalyptic abyss in abstract encounter of etymologically enigmatic alien entity Arrival 9:00pm Film 4

Substandardly sized sloop sailor and chum-chucking chief chase child-chomper in coffee cup crunching sharp shooting fish ‘em up Jaws 9:00pm ITV4

Stoic criminal evades obsessive cop in nocturnal game of cat and mouse in the coolest film you’ve never seen: Walter Hill’s The Driver 10:00pm Talking Pictures 

British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley and canadian actor, screenwriter and producer Mike Myers on the set of , directed by American Jay Roach. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Spy on her majesty’s secret service with a view to a kill and license to kill gets some octopussy in catchphrase comedy Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 11:00pm 5 Star

Machiavellian father and dogged detective search for missing girls in gripping, unflinching and morally grey metaphor Prisoners 11:20pm Film4

Apologetic assassin sees troubles looming in balls to the wall conspiracy led non-stop shoot/sew em up action spectacular Wanted 11:20pm ITV4

A poster for 2008's Wanted, based on the Mark Millar graphic novel. (Universal Pictures)

Would Elijah Wood become creepy, scalping obsessed, mannequin collecting, POV psychopath serial killer? Elijah Wood would Maniac 00:50am Horror Channel

Marriage built on inebriated foundation of fun time alcohol addiction fragments as wife attempts first steps to sobriety Smashed 2:25am Film 4

Amid island isolation and global pandemic, fraying miscarried marriage endures test of trust under yoke of menacing captor Retreat 2:40am Horror Channel

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