This best-selling Neom diffuser is 20% off right now

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Photo credit: Neom
Photo credit: Neom

As we all know, maximising your time on Black Friday takes organisation and dedication. Sure, you want to get through your Christmas gift list one bargain at a time but you don't want to spend the entire week doing it. And Black Friday efficiency usually equals stress, which is why it's such great news that Neom's best-selling diffuser is 20% off right now. Time to get yourself a little something.

The model is Neom's Wellbeing Pod Luxe, and it's famously one of their most popular diffusers, with its sleek subtle design and dimmable light. The pod is a powerful aromatherapy tool designed to deliver a solid 12 hours of fragrance throughout your home. But, because the pod is so powerful it can scent large, open-plan spaces in just minutes, meaning you'll save on oils.

The main body of the pod features a ceramic gravure design on top of an upcycled wooden base, so you won't be busy hiding it behind frames and plants. It also comes with a remote control so you can adjust everything from the intensity of the scent and the light as well as changing the mode, all without getting out of bed.

Perhaps our favourite feature is the pod's "breathing mode" which takes you through a guided breaking sequence while the fragrance works its magic. And if that wasn't enough, Neom's essential oil blends set is also 20% off, so you can quickly and easily get started on your (beautiful smelling) relaxation journey.

See you in the spa (AKA the living room).

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