This is the best thing to wear on Instagram if you want maximum 'likes'

Natasha Harding
Photo credit: @kyliejenner - Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Do you ever post a cute Instagram and wonder why it's not getting many 'likes'? Yep, story of my life.

In fact, it doesn't matter how many filters and punny hashtags you add, sometimes a picture can just feel destined for mediocrity.

But it turns out there might be a very simple way to up your Instagram likes, and it all comes back to our old friend ~science~.

New research on how people in the UK experience, perceive and interact with colour found that there might be a particular reason why we favour some Instagram posts over others.

As part of the Honour 20 Colour Report, Colour Counsellor Jules Standish gives her expert opinion on the colours to wear for every social situation, including your cheeky 'grams.

"Posting images with bright colours will get you more likes because when people see bright colours, such a red, yellow, orange, this positively affects their glandular system – releasing the feel-good hormone Dopamine – causing a reaction to smile and share happiness (i.e. a like!)" explains Jules.

Interesting, non?

And when we take a look back at some of the most popular Instagrams of all time, she kinda has a point.

Take, for example, Selena Gomez's iconic Coca Cola shot, which was the 'most-liked' 'gram of 2016 with over seven million likes:

The same thing goes for Sel's more recent Krahs bikini shot, which garnered a casual 11 million double taps:

Fellow Insta Kween, Kylie Jenner, is also a big fan of brightly coloured outfits:

Whilst this certainly isn't a hard and fast 'rule', because not all top-performing 'grams have the bright colour rule - take Kylie's baby announcement and the famous 'Egg' as a case in point - it's certainly an worth considering as a factor that could contribute to your post getting maximum likes.

So next time you're keen to up your grid game, why not try switching out your monochrome wardrobe for a slightly zestier lewk?

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