Bethenny Frankel says she doesn't work out or diet: 'The zero f***s lifestyle works better'

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Bethenny Frankel is spilling the tea on how she stays "so thin" on TikTok.

In response to a fan asking how Frankel maintains "the skinny look," the Bstrong founder, 51, said that opting out of diet culture is the reason she looks the way she does.

"I get asked this all the time, we're going to do it. So I don't exercise. I do what I can, when I can. I'll snowboard if I can, I'll surf if I can, I walk on the beach whenever I can," she says in the video whilst sporting a palm leaf bikini top and tan sun hat. "But I choose sleep first."

Frankel went on to express the vital role rest and joy play in her overall wellness, something she did not prioritize in her 30s.

"Sleep is the number one priority and being happy is an important priority. I was probably 20 pounds heavier in my 30s and I was always on a diet and I was 'good' and I was 'bad' and it's sauce on the side and it's steamed and I wrote a whole book called Naturally Thin about this, about food noise," she said.

In 2009, Frankel released Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting, a one-week program with recipes and tips for losing weight without extreme dieting.

Now in her 50s, Frankel no longer cares to restrict her diet for the sake of looking a certain way, instead prioritizing balance and enjoyment.

"So I eat what I want, but I don't ever binge and I don't work out, I don't do weights. I believe in balance. I believe in sleep. I believe in living. I believe in french fries. I believe in alcohol and I believe in not being crazy," she explained in the video.

Frankel is also not a fan of trade-offs in her wellness routine and said the "crazier" the regime, the worse off you will be.

"Not being in boot camp, fear-based exercise. 'I have to work out tomorrow because I ate so much today.' 'I'm eating so much today because I worked out so much yesterday.' Like, I don't believe in any of that s***. What I believe in is just living life. But it all ends up working out," she said, adding that this insight typically comes with age.

"The crazier you get, the worse it gets for you and as you get older you realize that the zero f***s lifestyle works better. That's my true and honest answer," she said. "I walk on the beach because I want to, because I like it, because I love jumping in the ocean and if you are shackled and imprisoned by dieting and worrying about that stuff, you will be f***ing miserable. So, choose happiness."

Commenters enjoyed Frankel's perspective, but many did point out the role genetics play in Frankel's physique.

"It's called genetics too! Nothing wrong with skinny genes," wrote one user.

"This is great! But also genetics. We are all genetically different. What works for one may be different for another," shared another, prompting a response from Frankel, who replied, "I was heavier white knuckling it."

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