'Better Watch Out': Watch an exclusive new clip from twisted festive thriller

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i’m telling you why… There’s a stranger in your house, it’s not St. Nick, and he’s carrying a deadly weapon.

That’s the terrifying prospect facing babysitter Ashley and Luke, the boy she’s responsible for, in this exclusive clip from new festive horror Better Watch Out – in cinemas Friday.

17-year-old Ashley (The Visit‘s Olivia DeJonge) is taking care of 12-year-old Luke (Pan‘s Levi Miller) in his well-appointed family home. Luke has a schoolboy crush on Ashley, but his amorous advances get put on hold when their quiet movie night on the sofa is disturbed by a home invader. The tense clip shows the pair hiding from the gun-wielding stranger as he searches for the house.

Babysitter Ashley (Olivia DeJonge) finds herself in a spot of bother. (Universal Pictures)

Before you dismiss this as something you’ve seen before like The Strangers or You’re Next, think again. Better Watch Out is a delightfully twisted thriller that packs plenty of surprises for even the most seasoned horror fan.

One critic has called it “Home Alone meets Funny Games” and anyone who’s seen Michael Haneke’s sadistic home invasion classic will know it’s a film that very much belongs on Santa’s naughty list.

Better Watch Out, which also stars Stranger Things S2 breakout Dacre Montgomery, is in UK cinemas Friday, 7 December. Watch a trailer below.

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