Bianca Gonzalez’s Twitter Tenets

MANILA, Philippines - Unlike other celebrities, Bianca Gonzalez doesn't block her haters on Twitter.

Despite the biting messages she receives from them, the Kapamilya TV host still respects their opinion. Hosting the youth-oriented talk show "Y Speak" from years back helped mold such a perspective.

"I believe in everyone speaking up, having a voice, and saying what they want. If I block someone, it defeats that. I believe in freedom of speech. Although merong mga nagmumura-na sana hindi-I still find it in my heart to not block them kasi nga I believe na opinyon niya 'yun eh, he can say it. Mahu-hurt ako, but then, some [comments] are constructive na magagamit mo naman talaga. Some are just para lang manira sa'yo. Some are wala lang magawa. But then the good outweighs the bad," Bianca related to Bulletin Entertainment at the 14th anniversary bash of MEG magazine, of which she's editor-at-large.

Bianca is one of the most active and opinionated local celebrities in Twitterlandia, with over a million followers. Her appreciation for life and learning reflects in her posts, which range from her stance on political and social issues, her work, interests such as fashion and sports, morsels of lessons she got from the day, to what she's wearing or eating.

"People have said na the way I tweet, parang they imagine na sinasabi ko," she enthused.

Interestingly, Bianca sometimes "favorites" the hate tweets she receives.

"I like going back to it, whether kasi humbling siya, or naiinis ako, or na-hurt ako," she shared.

She even replies to some of these messages, to the bemusement of her friends.

"Sometimes I reply a nice reply. Sometimes I reply a sarcastic reply. Depende rin siyempre sa mood..." said the 29-year-old TV personality.

Bianca strives to voice out her views without offending anyone.

"And I make sure na I don't filter myself masyado din kasi ayokong maging fake. Gusto ko sincere," she added.

Bianca's rule of thumb is that "anything you post online-Twitter, Facebook, blog-you should be able to have the guts to say it in person, if ever."

"I've always been an advocate of that. Kasi maraming bashers but they say 'yung mga gano'n they hide behind the online identity..." she said.

Newfound challenge

Meanwhile, Bianca welcomes the challenge of being a magazine editor. She couldn't have emphasized enough the "amount of work that goes into putting one magazine together," as well as the "creative pawis" that the process entails. Nevertheless, she enjoys the experience, especially given that when she was in college, she was "really planning to be a writer or director. Behind-the-scenes talaga."

Bianca has occupied the post since 2011 when she also became columnist for a national broadsheet.

All the challenges and stresses of being an editor become "worth it" according to Bianca "when you see a young girl na na-touch sa isang article: whether she was empowered, she learned a lesson, or it helped her overcome a heartbreak."

MEG's anniversary party on June 21 was also graced by celebrities Marian Rivera, Sarah Lahbati, Kris Bernal, and Bela Padilla. On the same night, the 14 finalists of the upcoming reality TV show "I AM MEG: Own The World In Style" were also revealed.