Big Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves drops video for 'Rainbow'

Just before performing her song "Rainbow" at the Grammy Awards, where she took home the prize for Album of the Year, Kacey Musgraves dropped a video for the track that echoes the song's message of hope.

In the video for the ballad, Musgraves features a variety of people living through hardships, from alcohol abuse to family troubles to struggles with gender identity. In each case, Musgraves appears as a sympathetic presence to sing the hopeful message that "There's always been a rainbow hanging over your head."

Musgraves took the Grammy Award for Album of the Year for her LP "Golden Hour," saying during her acceptance speech, "It was really important for me to bring my version of country music to a different group of people."

"Rainbow," which she performed at the awards show, is featured on the album.