Bigetron Era crowned champs of MLBB Women's Invitational after beating GPX Basreng

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Bigetron Era are the MWI 2022 Champions. Photo: One Esports; MLBB Esports
Bigetron Era are the champions of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women's Invitational 2022. (Photo: ONE Esports, MLBB Esports)

Bigetron Era have been crowned as the champions of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Women’s Invitational, after they defeated GPX Basreng 4-1 in the all-Indonesian grand finals on Sunday (30 January).

Both Indonesian teams had a dominant run in the group stage, with GPX Basreng sweeping Group A 4-0, while Bigetron Era dominated Group B 3-0.

Bigetron Era scored back-to-back 2-0 sweeps over Lao team IDNS Princess and Malaysian squad Karra to get to the grand finals. Meanwhile, GPX Basreng swept Singaporean team Lugiámi 2-0, then defeated Filipino squad Bren Victress 2-1, to earn the right to challenge their fellow Indonesians for the championship.

Bigetron Era had a strong start to the finals, steamrolling their way through the mid lane in game one and taking almost all of the map objectives. After slaying the Lord, Bigetron Era sealed their opening victory over GPX Basreng in less than 12 minutes and with an 8-4 kill lead.

Both teams made equal exchanges early in game two. However, Bigetron Era was able to find an opening after the nine-minute mark, when they scored key pickoffs on GPX Basreng that allowed them to take the first Lord.

GPX Basreng managed to fight back by stealing away the second Lord, thus putting pressure on their opponents across all lanes.

However, Cindy “Cinny” Laurent Siswanto on Selena turned things around for Bigetron Era, with her Abyssal Arrows connecting on multiple opponents in the teamfights. And after a 17-minute encounter, Bigetron Era won the second game with a 22-9 kill lead, taking their team to match point.

GPX Basreng looked to bounce back by picking Lou Yi, Uranus, and Esmeralda in game three. While Bigetron Era tried to play aggressively, they had a harder time snowballing against their opponents' much tankier setup.

GPX Basreng then found ways to punish Bigetron Era's mistakes, eventually allowing them to steal away game three after a 19 minutes of action and with a 25-22 kill lead.

GPX Basreng continued to do well in the fourth game, shutting down Bigetron Era gold laner Michelle "Chel" Denise Siswanto over and over again while allowing their own Destria "Chincaaw" Chinca's Alice pick to snowball.

Bigetron Era then struck back at the 19-minute mark, punishing GPX Basreng for stealing the Lord with a teamwipe. With their champions scaled to their full potential, Bigetron Era overwhelmed GPX Basreng after 26 minutes to seal the 4-1 series win and take the MLBB Women's Invitational 2022 championship.

With their victory, Bigetron Era claimed the grand prize of US$6,400, with jungler Viorelle Valencia "Vival" Chen getting the Finals MVP nod and earning an additional US$200.

GPX Basreng bow out of the tournament in second place and will be taking home US$2,400 in consolation. Meanwhile, Bren Victress and Karra finish at 3rd-4th place and have each earned US$1,400.

The MLBB Women's Invitational 2022, organised by MLBB developer MOONTON Games in partnership with ONE Esports, was held to "celebrate female strength and empowerment" in esports.

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