Bike lanes board deputizes third batch of patrollers

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THE Sugbo Bike Lanes Board (SBLB) deputized its third batch of bike patrollers, which consists of 30 bikers, who will be deployed this week to monitor and ensure compliance with safety and traffic laws in Cebu City’s bike lanes.

Like the first and second batches, the third batch was also trained and tested for their aptitude in traffic laws related to the safe and efficient use of bike lanes, said the Cebu City Public Information Office.

SBLB Chairman Gerry Carillo said that the first two batches with 20 bike patrollers per batch have already completed their training.

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All bike patrollers underwent 11 days of training process, including a physical fitness test, traffic regulations, apprehension process, bike safety, bike skills training, slow speed maneuver, basic bike mechanics, Cycle Response Unit (CRU) equipment standard orientation, group formation, crowd control management, basic first aid, basic life support, public interaction training, radio basics, team dynamics, and operational management.

The third batch will also be trained in basic medical first aid next week to enable them to respond to emergencies on the road.

According to the Base Camp Emergency Response Team Inc. CRU, the training will focus on bike injuries so that bike patrollers can serve as first responders. (NRC, PR)

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