Bikini foam party sparks anger for breaking Covid-19 restrictions in the Philippines

A bikini foam party sparked anger for breaking Covid-19 restrictions in the Philippines. Footage shows youngsters in partying before foam and bubbles were sprayed onto the crowd in Panglao, Bohol province on March 5. Some of the pictures from the party show a drunk woman who stripped her top exposing her breasts while dancing on the stage. Panglao Mayor Leonila Montero said the woman in the video was a 30-year-old guest of the resort who was too drunk to control herself. She said: ‘I have sent out my staff and the police to look for the woman. We talked to her and found she was not one of the party organisers. ‘She was too drunk that time and could not control herself but she should not repeat it again.’ The mayor added that she had already ‘forgiven’ the woman for what she did. She said: ‘I already forgave the woman and told her not to do it again. I warned her that she will face a lawsuit if she repeats her drunken acts.’ The foam party was being organised every Friday night by a private resort in the province after the establishments were allowed to operate again after the lockdown. However, local officials have stopped the resort from holding another party this week after the videos showing the Covid-19 guidelines had been breached. The police are also investigating whether the resort management could be charged for failing to impose social distancing, mask wearking and other health guidelines among their guests. The Philippines had recorded one of the worst Covid-19 outbreaks in Southeast Asia with 607,000 cases and 12,608 deaths as of March 12. The archipelago had also imposed one of the longest ongoing lockdowns in the world.

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