Bills WR Isaiah McKenzie gets COVID-19 vaccine days after being fined by NFL

Buffalo Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie won't be fined by the NFL again. Days after he was disciplined by the league for not wearing a mask, McKenzie apparently received a COVID-19 vaccine.

McKenzie sent out an image on his Instagram story Saturday showing off his COVID-19 vaccine card. The caption on the photo read: "For the greater good."

The card shows McKenzie received his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Saturday. He'll be due to get his second shot during the regular season. McKenzie will technically be due to receive the shot a day before a game, but he could delay his second shot by a day or two to ensure he only misses a practice if he experiences side effects following his second Pfizer shot. 

Isaiah McKenzie fined by NFL for not wearing mask

McKenzie's decision to get vaccinated comes days after he was fined by the league for not wearing a mask at the Bills' facility. McKenzie posted the first page of his letter from the NFL, which confirmed the fine. In his Twitter post, McKenzie said, "NFL you win," perhaps suggesting he would receive the COVID-19 vaccine after being fined.

Isaiah McKenzie with the Bills.
Isaiah McKenzie received his COVID-19 vaccine after being fined by the NFL. (Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The Bills are at the center of the COVID-19 debate around the NFL. Receiver Cole Beasley is outspoken about his desire to not receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Beasley went into COVID-19 protocol Tuesday after being near a close contact who tested positive for the virus. Beasley tested negative, but still needed to stay away from the team for a few days due to being unvaccinated.

The NFL has incentivized players to receive the COVID-19 vaccine this season. In June, the league announced vaccinated players would face fewer restrictions during the preseason and in training camp.

A number of NFL teams have reached the league's 85 percent vaccination threshold, with the Atlanta Falcons being the first known team to have all of its players vaccinated against COVID-19.

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