Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia draw ire over prenup photos

13 Mar – Engaged couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia drew flak recently for their prenuptial photos taken in Ethiopia.

As reported on PEP, the two stars who are set to get married in April this year, recently took down some of the photos from the pre-wedding shoots that was taken in the African country, after they were criticised for cultural appropriation.

Some of the more controversial photos featured Garcia and Crawford in colourful ensembles while being surrounded by Ethiopians - their ordinary wardrobe made the lavishly dressed couple stand out even more.

Netizens who saw the photos quickly expressed ire over the tone-deaf nature of the shoot, with one accusing the couple of using Ethiopian locals as "props".

And while some fans defended Crawford and Garcia and called the photos artistic, others commented that the photos were not meant for artistic expression.

One netizen commented, "What if foreigners [came here for such a shoot] and their backgrounds are the poor people? Would that be okay?"