Billy Crawford thinks racist allegation is an overreaction

19 Jan – Billy Crawford believes that the racism allegation against Robin Padilla may be a little too much, when asked about the issue concerning the actor's comment to one Korean contestant on "Pilipinas Got Talent".

As reported on ABS-CBN, Crawford, who co-hosted the show with actress Toni Gonzaga, admitted that the situation was tense and worried him a little at first.

"You know, racism, sexism, all that is happening around the world, all over the country. But if you want to see a real racist, just go to America," said the TV personality, who lived in the United States for a long time.

"I've experienced discrimination, I've experienced so many things. So, we're just a little over-reacting sometimes, I think. [Robin] just gave him a fatherly advice, right? Didn't he embraced [the contestant] after?" he added.

Crawford stated he understand both sides, being both a Filipino and someone who has lived in a foreign country.

"Anything that happened between [Robin] and the contestant, that's between them. I can't speak for either of them," he said.

On the other hand, Padilla's daughter Queenie also recently defended the actor, saying, "Calling my father a racist is wrong. My father called Ji-Wan "anak" and hugged him. Is that an act of racism?"

"[...], the tone of my dad may have been harsh towards Ji-Wan but that's the way my father is, even when he is disciplining us [his children]. It's not because my dad is hating on him, my dad just expected more from him since, he grew up in the Philippines. They both meant well. I think we should define this situation how it ended, not how it started," she added.

(Photo source: Billy Crawford Instagram)