Binay wants Martial Law museum

Shielo Mendoza
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

Vice President Jejomar Binay has proposed the establishment of a Martial Law Museum so people would "never forget."

Binay, a human rights lawyer in the martial law years, said the museum was to let the younger generation appreciate Filipinos’ struggle for democracy and freedom during the martial law period.
“We need to remind our youth that the freedom they now enjoy – the freedom to speak their minds freely, among others – was paid for with the sacrifices of brave Filipino patriots who may have belonged to different political groups but were united in the fight for freedom and democracy,” Binay said in a statement Tuesday.
He added that the youth tend to take for granted their rights, forgetting that there was a time when freedom of speech may lead to imprisonment.
Drawing inspiration from the Holocaust Museum and the Korean War Memorial Museum, Binay said the Martial Law Museum could also be promoted as a tourist destination through public-private partnership.
“Sa amin sa Makati I have always stated na nagiging successful ang project kasi lagi namin kasama ang private sector. Mukhang mabagal nga ata ang development ng tourism kaya tama lang na manawagan tayo sa private sector,” he said.
The vice president, who himself was a martial law detainee, said he has already sought the support of some personalities of the protest movement.
Binay said they were very receptive to his proposal, and they are already drawing up plans for the concept and structure of the museum and scouting for possible sites.