Bio-Nutrient tells Rama: Apologize for tagging firm in stench issue

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THE individual named by Mayor Michael Rama as the owner of the waste management facility that caused the foul stench in Barangay Inayawan, Cebu City, has cried foul over the mayor’s allegations and sought an apology from the top official.

Emma Ramas told SunStar Cebu Tuesday, April 26, 2022, that her company Bio-Nutrient Waste Management Inc. is no longer involved in any operations in Inayawan.

On Monday, the mayor issued a cease and desist order (CDO) against Ramas’ company after Cebu City’s Department of Public Services found out that the facility was the source of the foul smell that had been causing discomfort to residents for over a week already.

However, Ramas said her company was no longer handling the operations since the city government did not award a contract to “rescue biowaste from the city.”

According to Ramas, Bio-Nutrient began its operations in the year 2014 and concluded these by December of 2020.

Ramas disclosed that the one operating there right now is a company called Jomara Konstrukt Corp.

The CDO should be given to Jomara and the mayor should apologize to Bio-Nutrient, said Ramas.

“Perhaps the mayor should recall the CDO and issue one to Jomara with an apology to Bio-Nutrient,” said Ramas.

According to Ramas, Jomara Konstrukt was once hired by the City to collect garbage from the city and dispose of it at the Inayawan Landfill.

Ramas admitted that she had partnered with Jomara before, but various technologies were employed to ensure that no foul odor would come out from the facility.

In response, Mayor Rama said he would have the matter checked and have the cease and desist order served to Jomara Konstrukt Corp. after the validation.

SunStar Cebu reached out to Jomara, but as of press time, the management had not issued a comment.

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