Biocare Lifesciences launches ‘Temziva’ for critically ill Covid-19 patients

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ARTHRITIS drug Tocilizumab gives hopes to critically ill Covid-19 patients. The drug reduces inflammation by modifying the immune system and is mainly recommended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and a severe form of arthritis in children known as systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

In April 2021, Biocare Lifesciences Inc. started the distribution of the first branded generic Tocilizumab-Temziva 400mg Concentrate Solution for Infusion in the Philippines. The country's food and drug authority had granted permissions to supply the Temziva (tocilizumab) as a Drug Product for Emergency Use Only (DEU). SRS Life Sciences holds the registration for tocilizumab in the Philippines, while AryoGen will produce the therapy.

Commenting on the launch of Temziva, Biocare Lifesciences managing director Dileep Tiwari said, "We are pleased to add Tocilizumab to our growing product portfolio, particularly for Covid-19 treatment. After launching Remdesivir injection, our first product is used for critical patients admitted in the ICU, and Favipiravir Tablet which is used for mild to moderate Covid-19 patients so that multiplication of virus can be stopped at an early stage to avoid patient to fall into critical stage. Tocilizumab on the other hand can be used to treat Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS) as the main danger cause of Corona disease in adult patients with confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.”

“The second wave in the country is more aggressive and bigger in number than the first. We hope the availability of an effective treatment such as Temziva will considerably ease the pressure, and offer healthcare professionals and patients a much-needed and timely therapy option," he added.

Even though the infections are decreasing in the Greater Manila Area, other areas in Mindanao and Western Visayas region are battling a renewed surge in infections.

“As of now, Biocare is fulfilling approximately 50 to 60 percent requirement of tocilizumab injection in Philippines by distributing into major private and government hospitals. Furthermore, our entire team is communicating continuously with healthcare professionals, and with patients to pacify their queries regarding the availability of tocilizumab,” said Ronald Palacio, business unit head.

Aside from the use of investigational antiviral drugs that were allowed under the compassionate use permit of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and steroid dexamethasone, the availability of Temziva—the first immune-modulating drug—was found to have an effect on outcomes of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. The Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (PSMID) Covid-19 Living Recommendations suggests the use of Remdesivir and Tocilizumab as a treatment for patients with critical and severe Covid-19 cases. SPONSORED CONTENT

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