BIR files tax evasion case vs Rappler

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    Why doesn't Rappler's CEO just respond to the charges being presented by the government rather than cry "harassment & curtailment of press freedom" at a drop of a pin.... There are other media outfitss who are critical of the President but they, unlike Rappler, are abiding by the corporate laws of the land. What is so special about rappler that they should be treated differently???
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    Another blow,another issue on Rappler news site. I hoped BIR had discussed it with Rappler before the disclosure. I wished the agency would respond to the question so as not add anymore worries to the website.
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    That's what happens if you mix politics and media.Once you takes sides you should be ready. Rappler should just answer the charges and not use the worn out story lines.
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    ..non stop assaults against rappler's style of journalistic works...using the full forces of the gov't.'s different agencies , one after another...singling them out for more headaches to come..
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    hahaha good job
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    They will declare bankruptcy, as to the managers who received the donations, should be investigated as well. Nex question is, where will pia, chay, and ressa apply for a job?
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    There is a saying: “If you live in a glass house, do not throw stones.” Rappler pontificated left and right without realizing that it, too, had many shortfalls. And when it is questioned by regulators about those shortcomings, it does not respond to the allegations. Instead it avoids addressing legal issues by hiding behind the general concept of freedom of speech, as if freedom of speech absolves one from carrying out responsibilities such as paying taxes and following regulations dictated by a country’s corporation law.
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    hahahaha when it rain it pours for CJ sereno and rappler. piliin nyu kasi babanggain ninyo. kaya sa mga kumakalaban dyan naku mag isip isip na
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    Pay your taxes first before you minced a word...
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    Government is not singling out Rappler. Before them there are Mighty Corporation and PAL that pays their taxes, in Billions not in Million. Has PAL and Mighty Corp attacked the Administration? No! They are just obliged to pay their correct taxes and BIR collects it. Has GMA, ABS, TV5 pays their correct taxes, I guess so even though they are critical to the President.