BIR ultimatum on unused receipts set

Manila, Philippines --- The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) turned down yesterday the request of businessmen and professionals to postpone the June 30 deadline for them to surrender all unused official receipts and commercial invoices in compliance with a new revenue regulation.

BIR Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares has already instructed revenue regional directors and district officers to slap a P1,000 fine those who apply for an authority to print (ATP) receipts after April 30.

Under the new BIR regulation, all businessmen and professionals must surrender their unused official receipts and other commercial invoices and then issue new ones printed by the bureau's accredited printers.

"Consdering the plea of the business sector for leniency and for uniformity in the imposition of penalty for late filing, all applications filed beyond April 30 shall be imposed a penalty of P1,000 pursuant to Section 275 of the Tax Code," she said in an unnumbered memorandum.

She explained that the April 15 deadline was set "to give the accredited printers enough grace period to print the new sets of invoices."

Many store owners delayed submission for ATP applications believing that the BIR would grant their request.

They said said it would be a waste of money if they are required to produce new receipts while old copies are still available.

The BIR chief decided to discard the old receipts and printing of new ones by accredited printers to closely monitor their issuances.

It is a common knowledge that many commercial outlets have been issuing unregistered invoices and multiple invoices with the same serial numbers to under declare their gross earnings.

The tax evasion scheme has been causing the government to lose huge amount in income, value added and percetage taxes.

Henares' policy also cut down the lucrative racket of some revenue employees of cornering the printing contract for themselves and friends.

The new printed receipts will be issued starting July 1 and valid for five years from the date of the ATP.

Henares said that only accredited printers will be authorized to print principal and supplementary receipts and register them with the bureau, stressing that "subcontracting to non-accredited printers is strictly prohibited."

She said old receipts should be surrendered to the revenue district office where the taxpayers are registered for destruction.

Among others, she said the receipts must show taxpayer's registered name, type of business and tax, date of transaction, description of the items or service, total cost and serial number of the receipt printed prominently.