Influencer shares powerful reminder to 'wear whatever we need to' for summer

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Sarah Nicole Landry is celebrating her beach body. (Image via Getty Images)
Sarah Nicole Landry is speaking out about wearing what we "need to." (Image via Getty Images)

Sarah Nicole Landry is speaking out about wearing what we "need " to "show up" in our own lives.

The Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram on Thursday to share an unedited photo proudly showing off her beach body with her 2.1 million followers.

The mother-of-four paired the image with a video of her running her fingers through her hair with her back to the camera. Landry wore simple gold earrings and a Puffy Sleeve Bikini Top ($65 CAD/ $55 USD) and High Waisted Bikini Bottoms ($50 CAD/ $45 USD) from Knix.

The Guelph, Ont.-based content creator urged followers to choose to wear whatever clothes will help them enjoy their life.

"The bikini is not a medium between us and living. It’s a choice. A choice in how we do it. Not a choice for if we do it at all," she captioned the post. "I think we ought to wear whatever we need to, to show up today. I think we ought to do what makes us feel our best or confident or neutral."

Fans immediately weighed in on the uplifting post, praising Landry for her transparency and vulnerability.

"This message though," one follower commented. "The courage to show up and have the moment, retain the memory, and remember the courage later is definitely what’s it about! Love this!"

"You look beautiful no matter what size you are because you are a beautiful person. Thank you for always putting yourself out there and showing us what confidence looks like...every body is a bikini body!" another said.

"You, your message, and your insane beauty inside and out is exactly what myself and this entire world needs. Thank you for your vulnerability," a follower told Landry. "Anytime I feel yuck about myself, I run right to your Instagram to help me change my perspective. A million thanks!"

This isn't the first time that Landry has gotten candid about her body. In February, the "Papaya Podcast" host shared a photo with fans, reminding them that "letting yourself go" is a vital part of body confidence and acceptance.

"I find it funny how the phrase 'let yourself go' is a message or insult used on a person who has changed," she wrote in the caption. "I have changed a lot. I’ve heard the phrase more times than I can count. Mostly? When I stopped losing weight. Nobody said I 'let myself go' when I would skip meals, exercise three times a day or began to lose feeling in my legs."

"But when I simply gained weight or changed - it was a daily thrashing from my old diet culture buddies. I had 'let myself go'," she continued. "[But] sometimes what they call 'letting yourself go' is actually picking yourself back up from the hands of others. Hands that have no business holding any part of you."

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