Bitcoin tops $67,000 in record high

Bitcoin jumped to its highest price ever on Wednesday.

The cryptocurrency touched above $67,016; its first record high in six months.

The push higher comes as bitcoin exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, start to trade in the U.S.

One started trading on Tuesday and another is slated to start on Thursday.

Crypto ETFs were already trading in Canada and Europe.

Investors say the ETFs, which are based on bitcoin futures, will further drive mainstream interest in the digital currency, and will likely contribute to price action going forward.

Bitcoin has been a notoriously volatile asset - prone to huge rises and falls.

Earlier this year, it hit a high above $64,000 only to be cut by more than have in a matter of weeks to less than $30,000.

But die-hard fans have stuck with it and corporations have started to accept bitcoin for transactions.

Despite the volatility, the price of bitcoin is up about 130% percent so far this year.