Bite-sized no more: Jollibee offers Peach Mango Pie in large size

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Remember years ago, when Jollibee’s classic Peach Mango Pie dessert was the size of your palm? The fast food chain has since offered a smaller version of their beloved crispy hand pie, filled with chunks of Philippine mango and sweet peaches, to the chagrin of their customers who can’t get enough of their tropical flavor.

But fret not, Peach Mango lovers — the fast food chain just announced that it is offering the Peach Mango Pie in a large size, which aside from tapping into diners’ nostalgia, is the latest among a series of exciting new releases from the Bee.

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The large Peach Mango Pie is said to be 50 percent bigger than its current size, and is available solo or in a bundle of three.

It may also help fast food lovers to get over the sadness felt due to widespread potato shortage across the world that have affected the supply of french fries among various fast food chains here and abroad.

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