Just when you thought they were all sold out, we've found some Black Friday turbo trainer deals

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 Black Friday turbo trainer deals
Black Friday turbo trainer deals

With many cyclists relegated to cycling indoors this year, it's no wonder that the best turbo trainers are fairly hard to come by at the moment. That's why it's a pretty big deal that ProBikeKit has just launched Black Friday deals on both the Tacx Neo 2T and the Saris H3 turbo trainers.

If you've been planning a premium pain cave setup for your Zwift sessions, then this would be the ideal time to invest. Of course, if you're on the hunt for Black Friday bike deals, then you might want to check out our guide to the cheapest Zwift setups. Once you've got your hands on your smart trainer, don't forget to check out the best bike for cycling indoors, and we've also got a roundup of the best women's indoor cycling shoes.

Tacx Neo 2T

Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer | 4% off at ProBikeKit
Was £1,199.00 | £1,150.00
A modest saving, admittedly, but anyone who's been shopping turbo trainers recently will know that to find stock at all is a win in itself, so to get a saving in the process is a rarity.

Ideal for the dedicated Zwift lover, its electromagnetic resistance can simulate a 25-per cent maximum incline and put out a massive 2,200 watts of resistance. With this turbo trainer you're sure to get a proper workout, and a lot of bang for your buck if you take advantage of this deal before it sells out.View Deal

Unlike most other direct-drive turbo trainers which use a belt to spin the flywheel, the Tacx Neo 2T smart trainer deploys a freehub, which allows for power accuracy within one per cent without calibration, according to Tacx. In fact, the brand is so confident about this, that there isn't even an option to calibrate.

Sitting at the premium end of the smart trainer range, the Neo 2T can provide advanced power metrics, including pedal stroke analysis and left/right balance. With realistic pedalling feedback and road feel, this cordless electromagnetic smart turbo trainer is perfect for your pain cave. Since it can be used while unplugged, it's also great for carting out to events for your car pre-race car park warm-up.

It's Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible, and versatile too, accommodating multiple axle standards - 135x10, 142x12 and 148x12 mm - without needing extra adaptors.

Saris H3

Saris H3 Smart Trainer | 6% off at ProBikeKit
Was £849.99 | Now £799.99
Another small but rare saving, the H3 sees six per cent off this Black Friday. It comes with integrated speed and cadence (and of course power) sensors and offers smooth transitions in resustance. The standout figure is the low noise, promising just 59 decibels at 20mph, the H3 is arguably the best turbo trainer for those looking to keep neighbours happy.

Saris might not be the most established moniker when it comes to smart turbo trainers but the brand has slowly started to forge a reputation as an appreciably reliable option.

Launched in 2019 after SRAM took ownership of CyclyOps and rebranded as Saris, the H3 is based on the original Hammer. It's a quality option for both first-timers and experienced Zwifters, and is able to simulate gradients as high as 20 per cent not to mention boasting a peak-power output 2,000 watts.

There are provisions for thru-axles, with rear-hub widths of 142 mm or 148 mm as well as 130mm or 135mm quick-release hubs. Wireless communication works with all the major indoor cycling apps over dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards. Power is accurate to +/- 2 per cent and there's integrated cadence measurement. The list covers everything you'd expect from a turbo trainer of this level.

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